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Behavioral Expectations

Students at NEOMED are expected to maintain the highest level of conduct and professionalism in their actions both in and out of the classroom, as well as in activities associated with the University. In addition, students in professional education are expected to develop and maintain the ethical and moral values consistent with all social behavior, but especially those values that must be an integral part of the working attitude of health care professionals.

The COMPASS (Student Handbook)

As a NEOMED student, you are joining a community of learners committed to the pursuit of higher learning and quality service in the medical and pharmacy professions. You have been entrusted with the rights, privileges and responsibilities associated with NEOMED including awareness of and compliance with the policies and procedures contained within The COMPASS.

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Committee on Academic & Professional Progress (CAPP)

The purpose of CAPP for each college is to evaluate academic performance, assess intellectual readiness, and review professionalism concerns. The COMPASS outlines details regarding the CAPP procedures, reasons why a student might need to meet with CAPP, all possible outcomes, and the due process and confidentiality that are inherent parts of the processes.


Behavioral Concern Reporting FOrm

The purpose of the Behavioral Concern form is to ensure student growth and development, through their professional development and through their conduct. The form allows any member of the NEOMED community to report allegations of misconduct or unprofessional behavior for further investigation.  Behavioral Concerns may result in discussions that are intended to provide education and growth, not as a punitive tool.  When concerning student conduct behavior is ongoing, unchanged, disruptive or destructive, the student may be referred to Student Conduct which provides for both informal and formal resolution options. When concerning unprofessional behavior occurs and is not remedied, these matters may be reviewed by the Committee on Academic and Professional Progress (CAPP).

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Student Honor Code

NEOMED students are expected to read, understand, sign and abide by the “Expectations of Student Conduct and Professional Commitment” while enrolled and involved in NEOMED, its partner institutions and hospitals, and NEOMED-sponsored activities. This honor code is created by the elected student members of the Student Conduct Council and is signed annually by all students.

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