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Immunization Records

The Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy establish immunization requirements for all students. These pre-matriculation requirements are based on the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), and our consortium hospitals and pharmacies. No student will be permitted to continue in the curriculum without meeting these requirements prior to matriculation. Each student is responsible for payment for all the required immunizations or titers.

MyCB: Immunization Tracking System

MyCB, a CastleBranch solution, offers an easy-to-use, secure, online system that allows the NEOMED Credentialing staff to easily manage immunization records and other required student credential documentation.  CastleBranch has provided industry leading compliance management solutions for nearly two decades.  Students mail, fax, or upload their requirements directly to their myCB account for secure online storage and easy access by the student and NEOMED.  The CastleBranch Quality Assurance Team reviews each record for authenticity and contacts the student if any issues arise.  This self-service system provides a complete record of a student’s submitted immunization requirements.

New Students

As a new student matriculates, NEOMED requires they possess, and record updated immunizations. The list of required immunizations is located in the Immunization Policy 2021. Students must be sure to complete all immunizations, other than the Influenza vaccine, PRIOR to the start of their fall courses. Once a student is given a code to create an account, they may upload their document(s) to MyCB.

By creating a myCB account, students are agreeing to pay for the service provided by CastleBranch. The myCB account is paid for with a one-time fee that is included in first-year student fees. If a student chooses not to attend NEOMED after creating an account in myCB, they will be sent an invoice for $27.50 to pay for the myCB account.

For immunizations that have more than one step (ex. Hep B Series) and a required amount of time between steps, please follow the CDC timing recommendations.  Students must have progressed as far as they can with all required immunizations in order to start and continue in their program.  Students making progress in line with the CDC timing requirements, are required to continue to progress forward with immunizations in a timely manner until they are complete. If timely progress with incomplete immunizations is not made once the academic program has begun, students may be removed from participation in clinical educational experiences.

Students who do not complete their immunization requirements by the start of their program are subject to removal from the program and/or denial of participation in clinical activities.

Current Students

Throughout their enrollment, students will record up-to-date immunizations as additional vaccinations or labs are required. Yearly requirements include an updated Influenza vaccination and Tuberculin testing by October 1.  The list of required immunizations is located in the Immunization Requirement Policy.

Community Resources for Vaccinations & Screenings

Summa Health Corporate Health
NEW Center, Suite 1516
Phone: 330.325.7237
Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-4 .p.m
(credit card or cash payment; insurance not accepted; walk-ins welcome; testing on Friday with reads on Monday is available)

University Hospitals Portage Medical Center
6847 North Chestnut Street, Ravenna
Phone: 330.297.0811

University Hospitals Streetsboro Health Center
9318 State Route 14, Streetsboro
Phone: 330.626.3455

Rootstown Community Pharmacy
4211 State Route 44, Rootstown
Phone: 330.325.0589


Phone: 330.325.6888

Health Insurance
Phone: 330.325.6888

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