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The University’s health plan covers expenses incurred from injury or sickness. Please refer to the 2023-24_NEOMED Medical Coverage Plan ** for more information regarding coverage, exclusions and limitations.

If a student is covered by another medical plan and that plan expires (due to a qualifying life event) while the student is enrolled at NEOMED, the student is required to enroll in the University’s medical plan for the remainder of the year. In order to meet compliance regarding proof of other insurance, a copy of the insurance card must be presented to the servicing broker. More information about waiving and enrolling in the NEOMED plan is located at the bottom of this page under “Enroll”.

Students may initially waive the University’s plan during the standard enrollment period. However, 30 days prior to the expiration of your current coverage, due to a qualifying life event, the University’s coverage or coverage through another provider must be purchased.  To enroll in the University’s medical plan outside of the standard enrollment period, contact Include a letter or statement from the insurance carrier or employer indicating the effective date of the loss of coverage.

Refunds of premiums are allowed only upon entry into the armed forces.

Students are encouraged to budget for out-of-pocket expenses such as but not limited to: office visits, emergency room visit (co-pay is waived if hospital admission), laboratory procedures, and diagnostic x-ray services.

Insurance PlanS & Summary of Medical Benefits

2023-24_NEOMED Medical Coverage Plan

2023-24 NEOMED First Year Medicine Student Insurance Plan

2023-24 NEOMED First Year Pharmacy Student Insurance Plan

2023-24 NEOMED 2nd-4th Year Student Insurance Highlights

Glossary of Insurance Terms

Glossary of Insurance Terms from Consolidated Health Plans (CHP)*

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Those insured by Wellfleet Student have online access of information by visiting our service broker’s website.

Once enrolled in the NEOMED insurance plan through Wellfleet, ID cards will be mailed to students. Cards may also be obtained on the Wellfleet site.

New dependent children must be enrolled within 30 days after birth. Enrollment forms are available on the Wellfleet website.

The Cigna Performance Drug List* shows the most commonly prescribed medications covered as of July 1, 2020. All of these medications are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Medications are listed by the condition they treat, then listed alphabetically within tiers (or coverage/cost levels). It is important to know that this is not a complete list of covered medications, and not all of the medications listed may be covered by your specific plan.

Covered medications are divided into tiers, or cost levels. Typically, the higher the tier, the higher the price you will pay to fill the prescription.

Some medications on your drug list have additional requirements before they may be covered by your plan. This helps to make sure you’re receiving coverage for the right medication, at the right cost, in the right amount and for the right situation. These medications will have an abbreviation next to them in the drug list.

Please be sure to read the abbreviations next to the medications on the list. Some medications on the drug list have additional requirements before they may be covered or they may be partially or not covered at all (plan exclusions) under the plan.

You may be asked to present your ID card to the network pharmacy when the prescription is filled. If you do not use a network pharmacy, you will be responsible for paying the full cost for the prescription.

Medical claims are typically submitted by the service provider(s) after which an explanation of benefits is sent to the insured.


All College of Medicine and Pharmacy students are required to carry medical insurance without exception. Medical coverage is optional for students in the College of Graduate Studies (COGS students who would like to enroll in the NEOMED plan during the defined open enrollment period should click the 2nd-4th year student link below).

All  COM and COP students are automatically enrolled with the University’s selected insurance carrier for life and disability and this coverage is maintained throughout enrollment at NEOMED. There is no sign up needed for the life and disability plan.

Open Enrollment for Continuing Students is now closed.

Those students who wish to enroll in the NEOMED plan after open enrollment may email A member of the health insurance team will respond with instructions on how to enroll in the plan. Enrollment must be due to one of the following qualify life events:

1. Loss of coverage on another plan
2. Aging out of parental plan due to turning age of 26
3. Marriage/Divorce
4. Adoption of a Child/Birth of a Child
5. Guardianship Appointment
6. Arrival of Spouse/Dependents in the Country (Internationals)

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