Away Elective Applications

On behalf of the student, the Office of Enrollment Services will submit the away elective application and supporting materials to other universities within five business days of receipt. If the Office has not received all of the necessary supporting documents, the student will be contacted by Office staff and asked to provide to the Office of Enrollment Services.

Prior to the student’s submission of away elective materials to the Office of Enrollment Services, the student must review the requirements of the away elective because every application is different.  Read the away elective information completely to determine what must be provided.

With each away elective application, submit to the Office of Enrollment Services:

  • the Student Correspondence/Letter of Recommendation Request;
  • a Transcript Request or online transcript request (Banner Self-Service – Student Information Menu – Student Records Menu – Request Printed/Official Transcript) if transcript is required;
  • the completed and signed away elective application any additional items that may be required; and
  • a phone number and/or pager number where the student can be reached in case the Office of Enrollment Services has questions about the application.

Additional information about away elective procedures is available in the AIMS site for Step 5.


Phone: 330.325.6478

University Registrar

Division of Academic Affairs