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Peer tutoring

Peer tutoring is provided in a group setting for most basic science courses. Small and large-group tutoring is offered based on student need and tutor availability.

Who are the Peer Tutors?

Peer tutors are upper-level medicine and pharmacy students who have scored well in the courses for which they provide tutoring, and they have been vetted by the faculty. Peer tutors can be either paid or volunteer student employees.

How can I sign-up for Peer Tutoring?

Students should check on the Learning Center AIMS site to view the tutoring schedule and reserve their spot at each session. Tutoring sessions occur on a weekly basis, respective to the course exam schedules and often occur during either the lunchtime or evening hours. Some sessions also provide the opportunity for attendees to join remotely via their institutional online education (Zoom) accounts.

To utilize this resource, please:

  • Sign-in to AIMS
  • Click on the Learning Center tab
  • Click on the “Sign-Up” tool – here you will find a list of available sessions that you can “sign-up” for based on your availability.
  • To request access to any large or small group tutoring resources, please follow the steps provided in the Tutoring module in the Learning Center’s AIM page.

Interested in becoming a Peer Tutor?

Students can submit their application by visiting the Tutoring module in the Learning Center’s AIMS page or by visiting the Learning Center’s office during regular business hours.  Students may apply at any time during their NEOMED enrollment and our staff will follow-up via email with any hiring status updates.


Craig Theissen, M.Ed./L.
Director, Learning Center
Phone: 330.325.6758

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