Pharmacology Research Graduate Program

Neurosciences Biology Research Program

The Master of Science and Ph.D. degrees in Biomedical Sciences–Neurosciences is an inter-institutional program that allows students to complete research projects under the guidance of a neuroscience faculty member at NEOMED, Kent State University and the Cleveland Clinic. Students complete a common set of core courses that cover fundamental principles in neuroscience, from the cellular/molecular to the systems level. Students also complete elective courses tailored to their chosen subdiscipline. Areas of research focus in the neurosciences include behavioral neuroscience, sensory neuroscience, developmental neuroscience and neurodegenerative diseases.

Faculty Researchers at NEOMED

Through the Biomedical Sciences-Neurosciences program, graduate students have the opportunity to work with one of the following faculty researchers at NEOMED:

Jianxin Bao, Ph.D.

Aging, auditory neuroscience, gene therapy, stem cell therapy, presbycusis, noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus.

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Yeong-Renn Chen, Ph.D.

Oxygen free radicals, nitric oxide, oxidative postranslational modifications and mitochondrial biology in myocardial infarction.

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Christine Crish, Ph.D.

Glaucoma, neurodegeneration, and bone loss in Alzheimer’s disease.

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Samuel Crish, Ph.D.

Glaucoma, axonal transport, and structure and function.

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Altaf Darvesh, Ph.D.

Development of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory strategies for neoplastic an neurodegenerative diseases, as well as psychiatric disorders.

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Vanessa Fitsanakis, Ph.D.

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Sheila Fleming, Ph.D.

Parkinson’s disease, alpha-synuclein, motor and non-motor behavioral function.

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Alexander Galazyuk, Ph.D.

Neuroscience of hearing.

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Rebecca German, Ph.D.

Biomechanics and evolution of the oropharyngeal system, including dysphagia and respiration.

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Jasmine Grimsley, Ph.D.

Vocal communication, the neuroscience of hearing, and the underlying mechanisms of communication disorders.

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Muhammad Hossain, D.V.M., Ph.D.

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Denise Inman, Ph.D.

Neurodegeneration in glaucoma, gliosis and neural-glial interactions.

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Yong Lu, Ph.D.

Neurotransmitter systems, GABA, glutamate and audition.

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William P. Lynch, Ph.D.

Mechanisms of neurodegeneration, CNS gene therapy, RNA tumor virus assembly and pathogenesis, and microglial developmental biology.

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Jeffrey Mellott, Ph.D.

Age-related GABAergic loss in the central auditory circuits.

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Moses Oyewumi, Ph.D.

Drug delivery, nanotechnology, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

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Merri J. Rosen, Ph.D.

Neural correlates of auditory perception: effects of hearing loss and experience during development.

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Brett R. Schofield, Ph.D.

Functional anatomy of auditory pathways.

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Jeffrey J. Wenstrup, Ph.D.

Neural mechanisms of hearing, acoustic communication, including emotional responses to sound.

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