Pharmacology Research Graduate Program

Human Evolutionary Biology Research Program

The Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Sciences–Human Evolutionary Biology enrolls a small and highly select number of doctoral students interested in research in biological anthropology. Graduate students enroll at Kent State University and, in partnership with NEOMED, have the opportunity to focus on a biological approach to research problems focusing on both human and non-human anthropology through research and graduate training with faculty at NEOMED. The human evolutionary biology program focuses on:

  • basic human anatomy,
  • developmental biology,
  • mammalian physiology, and
  • paleontology.


Graduates from the program are generally prepared to teach both human anatomy and another cognate field (e.g., neuroanatomy, cell biology, physiology) in demand at most medical schools. Many graduates also use their training and teaching experience to enter regular anthropology or corporate research positions.

Faculty Researchers at NEOMED

Through the Biomedical Sciences-Human Evolutionary Biology program, graduate students have the opportunity to work with one of the following faculty researchers at NEOMED:

Lisa Cooper, Ph.D.

Bone biology of mammals.

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J.G.M. ‘Hans’ Thewissen, Ph.D.

Mammalian anatomy and evolution, morphological adaptations such as those for swimming and flight.

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Jesse W. Young, Ph.D.

Evolutionary, comparative and developmental aspects of terrestrial locomotion.

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