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Task Trainers

Task trainers or partial manikins are lifelike models of human body parts. They can be an anatomical replica of a hand, arm, knee, torso and male or female pelvis. Task trainers are used to teach competency based and procedural skills like airway management, NG tube placement, lumbar puncture, basic life support and IV injection.

NG Tube & Trach Care Trainer

Torso task trainer designed for instruction in the care of patients with respiratory conditions and the practice of gastrointestinal care procedures via nasal and oral access. Head features anatomical landmarks, trachea, esophagus, simulated lungs and stomach lungs and stomach may be filled with fluid for realistic practice of many procedures:

  • Tracheostomy care
  • Tracheal suctioning
  • NG tube insertion
  • Removal NG tube irrigation, instillation and monitoring
  • Feeding tube insertion and removal
  • Gastric lavage and gavage
  • Nasoenteric and esophageal tube insertion, care and removal
  • Oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal insertion and suctioning
  • Insertion, securing and care of endotracheal tubes

Multi-Venous IV Training Arms

Life-like adult art reproductions with replaceable skin and veins designed for peripheral intravenous therapy. These trainers feature:

  • Venipuncture possible in the antecubital fossa or dorsum of the hand
  • Peripheral IV line insertion and removal
  • Palpable veins enable site selection and preparation
  • Infusible veins allow peripheral therapy with IV bolus or push injection method
  • Peripheral IV line maintenance including assessment and rotation of site an dressing, solution and tubing change
  • Replaceable skin and veins ensure longevity of model
  • Articulates to many adult manikins

Knee for Aspiration

This specialized model is used for training in the technique of synovial fluid aspiration. These trainers feature:

  • Simplified design for ease-of-use
  • Quick release skin, musculature and patella (with fat pad) to enable rapid changeover of self sealing synovial sac
  • Synovial sac connects easily to the fluid bag
  • One liter fluid bag enables uninterrupted training sessions (time saving feature for large groups of students/trainees)
  • Patient posture and management
  • Palpation techniques
  • Identifying anatomical landmarks
  • Aspirating synovial fluid from the knee joint from both lateral and medial aspects

Radial artery puncture

Radial artery puncture is a common approach for blood collection and this simulator provides realistic training in this skill. For realistic practice of skills including:

  • Palpation of radial artery
  • Needle insertion
  • Blood collection

Ear Examination Simulator

A life-size model for training examination of the ear including external acoustic meatus and tympanic membrane directly with an otoscope and foreign body removal skills available. Practice procedures include:

  • Use and handling of an otoscope (not supplied)
  • Examination of the acoustic meatus and tympanic membrane
  • Communication skills and examination protocol
  • Diagnosis of up to 11 cases
  • Earwax and foreign body removal

Central Line Task Trainer

A realistic model for teaching and learning the anatomy, cannula approaches and insertion of central venous catheters into the superior vena cava, with and without ultrasound guidance.

Lecat’s® Ventriloscope

Use our patient-controlled transmitter with its self-contained MP3 player or any other device with an earphone jack to send:

  • Heart, lung and bowel sounds
  • Vascular bruits and Korotkoff sounds
  • Fetal heart tones or any other sounds!
  • Not limited to certain areas of the body or mannequin
  • Standardized patient or instructor can start or stop loops of recordings on command
  • Can be used for teaching or testing purposes
  • State or the art, secure transmitter technology with confirmation of confirmation of signal reception!
  • Easily concealed in the Standardized Patient’s hand or pocket

Additional Task Trainers

The Wasson Center also additional task trainers available, including but not limited to:

  • Advanced catheterization trainers (male and female): Realistic representation of anatomy for urethral catheterization
  • Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Trainer
  • Airway Trainer: Life like head simulates intubation techniques
  • Baby Hippy: Model of the lower torso and limbs of a female newborn. Specifically designed for training professionals in the practice of the Ortolani Jerk Sign and the Barlow Maneuver
  • Eye Simulator: A sophisticated trainer for teaching and practicing the use of ophthalmoscope, examining the ocular fundus, and learning and identifying diseases and conditions within the eye.
  • Female Pelvic Trainer: Representation of the anatomy for GYN exams and review.
  • Hand and Wrist Joint Injection
  • IV Pump
  • Male Pelvic Trainer: This model presents key anatomical features, both externally and internally, for teaching ‘hands on” examination and diagnosis. The design of the model enables learners to focus on the essential anatomy and procedure.
  • Rectal Exam Trainer: A realistic representation of the buttocks, anus and rectum allowing for the practice of diagnostic skills associated with rectal examinations.
  • Littman Electronic Stethoscopes
  • Littman Teaching Stethoscopes: Two headsets allow instructor and student to perform simultaneous auscultation.
  • Lumbar Puncture Simulator
  • Male Catheterization Trainer
  • Mammacare Clinical Learning Package: Provides instruction in the method of clinical breast exams
  • Pump Abbott LifeCare
  • Resusci Annie
  • Resusci Baby
  • Shoulder Simulator: A conductive injection model with feedback
  • Suture Trainers
  • Venipuncture ACF Pads and Three Vein Pad
  • Ingrown Toenail Trainer


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