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Standardized Patients

Standardized Patients (SP) are “Individuals who are trained to present the symptoms and signs of disease process as they present in real patients” (Barrows, 1985). Standardized patients are effective in training physicians, pharmacists, health care professionals and many other disciplines.

What is a Standardized Patient (SP)?

An SP is an individual who is trained to role-play or portray a patient with a medical condition, or a patient seeking medication counseling. For example, you might participate as a patient with headache symptoms coming to visit a health care provider – such as medicine or pharmacy student, resident or advanced practice nurse.

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Types of Standardized Patients?

There are various types of SPs in which you can play a significant role in helping shape the health care providers of tomorrow.

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Become a Standardized Patient

Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) is looking to the communities we serve for individuals of all ages who are interested in helping to educate future health care professionals by becoming Standardized Patients.

Individuals with diverse cultural backgrounds are needed to assist with teaching activities at NEOMED’s Rootstown campus and at the clinical campuses at the major hospitals in Akron, Canton, Cleveland and Youngstown. Need is sporadic and compensation is based on the activity. Training is required. We are looking for dependable people with flexible schedules who enjoy interacting with others, are willing to be trained, and have a good memory for detail, and the ability to provide constructive feedback on the clinicians delivery of patient-centered care.

Contact the Wasson Center for Clinical Skills Training, Assessment and Scholarship if you have additional questions or to apply to become a Standardized Patient.


Interested in becoming a Standardized Patient but want to know more?

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