Wasson Center for Clinical Skills

Simulation Resources & Technology

The  Wasson Center for Clinical Skills Training, Assessment and Scholarship provides a range of simulations resources and technology for simulation training.

Human Patient Simulators

Human Patient Simulators are life-size adult and infant patient simulators that replicate elements of human physiology like respiration, heart beat and pulse. They are mechanical and computer controlled simulators that mimic human appearance and display symptoms and disease processes as they present in a real patient.

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Task Trainers

Task trainers or partial manikins are lifelike models of human body parts. They can be an anatomical replica of a hand, arm, knee, torso and male or female pelvis. Task trainers are used to teach competency based and procedural skills like airway management, NG tube placement, lumbar puncture, basic life support and IV injection.

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Physician raters

NEOMED is seeking active or retired physicians to become professional raters. Raters are asked to observe clinical encounters between standardized patients and other health care profession students and to provide constructive feedback and assessment.

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Standardized Patients (SPs)

An SP is an individual who is trained to role-play or portray a patient with a medical condition, or a patient seeking medication counseling.

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