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Types of Simulated Patients (SPs)

There are various types of SPs in which you can play a significant role in helping shape the health care providers of tomorrow.

Clinical Patient Model

A clinical patient is an individual who provides students with an opportunity to practice specific techniques used in physical examination and diagnosis. Clinical patients are provided a checklist of the sequence and content of the particular exam. The actual physical exams are conducted with direct supervision of physicians and nurses and are not video-recorded.

Clinical Teaching Associate (CTA)

A CTA assists in the teaching of basic physical exam skills, e.g. heart and lungs.

Gynecological Teaching Associate (GTA)

A GTA is a woman who teaches medical students, nurses and resident physicians the technical and communication skills needed to perform an appropriate and comfortable pelvic examination. GTA’s usually work in pairs to teach this exam. These sessions are not video-recorded.

Male Urological Teaching Associate (MUTA)

A MUTA is a man who assists in the training of the techniques, protocol and communication skills to medical students and other health care providers needing to perform male gender-specific physical examinations – appropriate and comfortable genital and rectal examinations. A MUTA works with a clinician to teach this exam. These sessions are not video-recorded.

Additional Workshops and Activities

Some additional workshops and activities do not require acting or role playing. Participants are asked to use their own medical backgrounds and express their own beliefs and values during interviews with learners.

Human Sexuality Workshop

This activity provides medical students the opportunity to practice obtaining a sexual history. Participants in this activity are asked to provide their own personal information during interviews with small groups of medical students. Interviews are not video-recorded.


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