Wasson Center for Clinical Skills

The Facility

The Wasson Center is a dedicated state-of-the-art facility that utilizes simulation education and technology methodologies to teach and assess health professions learners.


  • Fourteen fully equipped patient exam rooms and a simulation lab with remote and on-site viewing capabilities
  • Three dedicated orientation and debrief rooms to serve faculty, learners, and simulated patients training and education needs
  • All dedicated education rooms and spaces are outfitted with dual cameras and video recording capabilities for both on-site and telehealth teaching and assessment
  • A Web-based operations management system supports the administration, analysis, and reporting of the learners’ assessments
  • Digital recordings allow assessments to be streamed and accessed securely over the Web

Activities & Simulation

Center-based activities concentrate on the use of simulation and simulated patients to teach and assess knowledge and skills at a variety of levels in the education of health care and human service professionals.

Simulated patients assist in the teaching and assessment of clinical skills, communication skills, medication counseling skills, and health assessment skills. The Wasson Center also uses a library of task trainers to enhance learning and allow complex information and procedures to be practiced and retained more effectively.

Together, simulated patients and simulators provide a high-fidelity simulation environment conducive to acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for excellent, compassionate, collaborative and safe patient-centered care.


Teriah White
Assistant Director, Operations
Phone: 330.325.6745
Email: twhite2@neomed.edu

Wasson Center for Clinical Skills

Northeast Ohio Medical University