Clinical Faculty

Clinical Faculty

The Office of Clinical Affairs within the College of Medicine welcomes the contribution of our more than 2,800 Volunteer Clinical Faculty (VCF) members and recognizes their impact as critical to our mission of teaching medicine to NEOMED medical students and residents. From facilitating learning in the M1 and M2 Preclinical years of medical school, to training, mentoring, and sponsoring students in their M3 and M4 Clinical years, our volunteer faculty generously pass on their medical expertise in primary care to the next generation of NEOMED clinicians. Volunteer faculty precept NEOMED medical students at many private practice sites, community clinics, partner hospitals, as well as at our affiliate residency medicine programs.

If you are interested in becoming Volunteer Clinical Faculty, please click on the “Appointments and Promotions” tab on the left.

We sincerely appreciate the dedication and commitment for teaching, service on standing university committees and the support of university events and initiatives that are so generously supported by our Volunteer Clinical Faculty. The positive learning environment sets the stage for effective and compassionate care for generations to come.



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