Clinical Faculty

Faculty Career Development

Welcome to the NEOMED College of Medicine Clinical Faculty Career Development site! The College is committed to the academic career development of our clinical faculty. The resources and opportunities provided are intended to support the appointment and advancement of NEOMED clinical faculty through the ranks of academic promotion. We hope you find the resources, including counseling, helpful to increase your engagement and professional satisfaction as an academic physician.

Faculty Career Development Counseling Sessions

Clinical faculty will be invited to attend a career development counseling session on a three-year cycle. Faculty will be notified by e-mail of the option to schedule a career development counseling session. In addition, a faculty member can request a career development counseling session at any time as desired by contacting the office of the associate dean for clinical affairs.

Career development counseling sessions include:

  • Discussions of current career goals and career satisfaction.
  • Review of faculty member’s current academic activity and professional development activities.
  • Assessment of current faculty activities in comparison to requirements for academic faculty promotion and timelines for academic promotion.
  • Review of resource documents for academic opportunities in the College of Medicine including teaching, research, and service.
  • Discussion of professional development opportunities that the faculty member may wish to pursue as well as the resources that are available to them.

Faculty will be provided with criteria to qualify for promotions at the time of the counseling invitation.

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