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Appointment and Promotion for affiliated faculty

Affiliated means clinical, adjunct, preceptor and non-tenure positions.


Affiliated faculty appointment process for all colleges.


College of Medicine

Promotion applications and timelines for the College of Medicine will be published here in October 2023. Please direct any questions to Joann Hayes in the College of Medicine’s Office of the Dean at 330.325.6330 or COMclinicalfaculty@neomed.edu

College of Medicine non-tenure faculty may wish to refer to Appendix A: Procedures for the Appointment, Promotion, and Reappointment of Non-tenure Track Faculty on the Bylaws & Policies page.

College of Pharmacy

College of Pharmacy non-tenure faculty can access Appendix A: Procedures for the Appointment, Promotion, and Reappointment of Non-tenure Track Faculty on the Bylaws & policies page.

Application Packet Checklist
This document provides an instruction checklist outlining the required materials that comprise the application packet. Quarterly deadlines for appointment applications are included as well as the annual promotion cycle time line.

Preceptor, Short Application
(“Track 2” Clinical) — Applicants reporting only teaching activities or who are residents or fellows in training should complete the “Short Application”.

Pharmacy preceptor applicants should review requirements for the prerequisite preceptor training.

Long Application
(“Track 1” and Pharmacy Education Track) — Applicants reporting the following activities should complete the “Long Application”: teaching, service, research and scholarship.

Promotions are processed annually with an application deadline of August 1. The Promotion Timetable* outlines the annual review cycle, which has been established by the faculty bylaws.

Appointments may be initiated at any time but final approval occurs on a quarterly basis. See the Appointment Timetable* for process overview.

Reappointment reviews occur at least once in a three (3)-year period using a staggered review cycle*Reappointment Timetable*

College of Graduate Studies

Background: College of Graduate Studies faculty can access Appendix A: Procedures for the Appointment, Reappointment, and Leaves of Absence of Faculty on the Bylaws & policies page.

Apply for faculty appointment in the College of Graduate Studies


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Faculty Relations & Professional Development

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