Area Health Education Center (AHEC)

What is AHEC?

In 1978, Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) was initiated in Ohio to promote primary care practice and to educate health professions students about the needs of medically underserved populations.

Today, AHEC supports graduate medicine, pharmacy and other health professions education for the recruitment, training and retention of health care professionals. In addition to serving 19 counties in Northeast Ohio, our program supports national initiatives conducted through the National AHEC Organization.

The NEOMED AHEC Program is linked through four community-based centers: Akron-Region Interprofessional, Canton Regional, Cleveland- Region Interprofessional, and Eastern Ohio. These centers plan and develop educational programs based on their assessment of local resources, health personnel needs and the interest of each community.

In addition to health care education, the AHEC has developed high school and undergraduate recruitment programs, continuing education, and professional development opportunities in collaboration with other universities in Northeast Ohio.

The AHEC Program is funded by the Ohio Department of Higher Education; the Health Resources and Services Administration; by partner universities; local grants and program-generated funds.


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Northeast Ohio Area Health Education Center (AHEC)

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