In an Emergency

Pick up a blue-light emergency phone or call the University Police at 330.325.5911 or 9-1-1 (dial 9-911 if using a campus phone).

If you notice something unusual or something that causes you concern, call 330.325.5911 at any hour.

Non-emergency questions may be directed to NPD at 330.325.5911 or

NEOMED ID Cards & Campus Access

All new students and employees are required to obtain and wear a NEOMED ID card. Students will obtain their ID card during a scheduled orientation program at the beginning of the academic year. New employees will obtain their ID card during a scheduled appointment with Human Resources.

Obtaining a NEOMED ID

NEOMED ID badges are obtained through the Department of Public Safety, at the campus security office, room A-90.

Display of Identification

All NEOMED faculty, staff and students are required to wear a NEOMED or affiliated hospital ID at all times.  Identification should be visible (worn above the waist).  All visitors to the University are required to obtain a visitor ID from the reception desk at the main entrance.

What to do if you are having a meeting

Please forward a list of your expected attendees to prior to the meeting.  Upon arrival, your guest(s) should be instructed to enter at the main entrance and check in with the receptionist.  Guests will be issued a visitor ID.  Faculty and staff who are expecting campus visitors should plan to meet guests at the main entrance and escort them to the meeting location.  Guests must be escorted at all times while on campus.  It is the responsibility of the host department to arrange an escort for their guests. Guests should be escorted to their destination upon arrival, as well as out of the building once the meeting is over.

Notifying your guests

Guests will be required to show their driver’s license or state identification card and will then be given a visitor ID.  They will be required to wear their visitor ID while they are on campus.  It is important that guests check out at the main lobby upon exit.  This allows us to more accurately account for individuals in the building.


To access campus buildings, faculty members have three options: obtain a NEOMED ID (provides access at any time at entrance doors with card readers), use a valid hospital ID badge (provides access at any time, but only through the main entrance during the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.), or obtain a visitor ID from the receptionist.  If a faculty member prefers to have a permanent NEOMED ID, they must have an active faculty appointment. The request for a NEOMED ID should be made through the appropriate College.  Faculty must be photographed to be issued a University ID.

Hospital IDs

Faculty who have a valid hospital ID will have to enter through the main entrance or the security entrance; however they will not need to sign in or obtain a visitor ID.


Vendors are handled on a case-by-case basis.  If you have questions regarding a vendor, please contact the Department of Public Safety at 330.325.6489.

Lost or Stolen IDs

If an ID card is lost of stolen, it is the responsibility of the individual student or employee to report this to the Department of Public Safety. There are several ways to report a lost or stolen ID:

  • Contact the Department of Public Safety at 330.325.6489
  • Visit the campus security office in room A-90
  • Send an email to

Obtaining a replacement ID

One NEOMED ID is provided to students and employees free of charge.  There is a $15 replacement fee.  A student or employee in need of a replacement ID should first go to the accounting department between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., weekdays, in room G-219 to purchase the new ID.  Accounting personnel will issue a receipt which should then be taken to the campus security office for proof of payment.  A new ID then be issued.

Students and employees in need of a new ID can come to the security office Monday-Friday, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.  If this time is not sufficient for you, please contact the Department of Public Safety at 330.325.6489 to make alternative arrangements.


  • Access to main campus is restricted to University ID badge holders.
  • The NEW Center is open to the public with the exception of the Bio-Med Science Academy, which is restricted to Bio-Med students and staff.
  • The Village is restricted to residents.


Faculty, staff and students will initially be given general campus access, unless their duties require additional access to restricted areas. Questions about access levels, or requests for additional access should be directed to

If you have questions, contact the Department of Public Safety at 330.325.6489 or

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