In an Emergency

Pick up a blue-light emergency phone or call the University Police at 330.325.5911 or 9-1-1 (dial 9-911 if using a campus phone).

If you notice something unusual or something that causes you concern, call 330.325.5911 at any hour.

Non-emergency questions may be directed to NPD at 330.325.5911 or

Community Involvement

Community involvement is a priority to the NEOMED Police Department. Below are just some of the events you may have seen us at.

If you are holding an event, or would like an officer for a presentation, please contact us and we will try to be a part of your program!

Biomed Career Day

The NEOMED Police Department, along with representatives from the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Portage County Sheriff’s Office, Rootstown Fire Department, and Air Bear spent the afternoon talking to BIOMED students about careers as first responders. All of these agencies work together to assure that everyone in the NEOMED community is safe and secure while at home, school, or studying on our campus. If you have questions or an interest in a career in law enforcement, feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to discuss what the job entails, as well as what you can be doing now to pursue this career later.

Click it or Ticket

Wearing your safety belt is incredibly important and undoubtedly saves lives.  The NEOMED Police Department fully supports this campaign and encourages everyone to buckle up, every time you are in a vehicle. In 2017, over 1,000 Ohioans died in motor vehicle accidents. Approximately half of them were not wearing the appropriate safety equipment. While wearing a seatbelt can save your life, not wearing it can also be costly. In Portage County, seatbelt citations will cost you $98 and child restraint citation are $150.

Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over

Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over is a national campaign aimed at reducing impaired driving crashes. In 2017, almost 300 traffic deaths were related to impaired drivers.  The NEOMED Police Department urges you to use a designated driver if you have been drinking. With technology at our fingertips, getting a friend, taxi, or ride-sharing service is easier than ever. It is estimated that an arrest for  operating a vehicle under the influence will cost you about $10,000 by the time your case is finished. Save a life, save your money, please be responsible. Remember, Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving!

Halloween & Rootstown Community Expo

The NEOMED Police Department participated in trick or treating with the NEOMED and BIOMED students in the NEW Center. Additionally, several officers also participated in the Rootstown Community Expo held in October.  While a great opportunity to interact and pass out candy to our community, we had a chance to discuss traffic safety, especially as it relates to seatbelt and child restraint usage.

Bring Your Child to Work Day

The NEOMED Police Department took part in the University’s Annual Bring Your Child to Work Day. We presented topics on bicycle safety and how to interact with police officers; and had a K9 handler and his dog from the Portage County Sheriff’s  Office come in to present on what their job entails. This was a great opportunity for the kids to see a variety of police officers and have a chance to interact with them on a fun and engaging level.

Welcome Back Picnic & Student Organizations

The NEOMED Police Department participated in the Welcome Back Picnic with a chance for students to try out goggles that simulate the vision of an impaired driver. We did these activities with other groups as well, during the school year.

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