In an Emergency

Pick up a blue-light emergency phone or call the University Police at 330.325.5911 or 9-1-1 (dial 9-911 if using a campus phone).

If you notice something unusual or something that causes you concern, call 330.325.5911 at any hour.

Non-emergency questions may be directed to NPD at 330.325.5911 or


All new students and employees are required to obtain and wear a NEOMED ID card. Students will obtain their ID card during a scheduled orientation program at the beginning of the academic year. New employees will obtain their ID card during a scheduled appointment with Human Resources.

Using your ID card

Due to recent changes in security guidelines at NEOMED, exterior doors are locked 24 hours a day. To enter the building, you will need to scan your ID on a card reader. Below is a list of card reader locations:

  • R-building entrance by Meshel Hall (closed due to construction)
  • Entrance by security office (interior set of doors)
  • B-building entrance (leading to Giant Eagle Commons)
  • C-building entrance (by Helpdesk)
  • E-building entrance (off of the quad)
  • F-building entrance (into F-building lobby) (closed due to construction)
  • Gross Anatomy entrance (off the quad)
  • G-building main entrance (closed due to construction)

Your ID card will be required to enter the student lounge and the fitness center at all times. Badge readers are located in both areas.

The Ocasek Medical Library provides 24 hour access to the study area in the back of the library. During times when the library is closed, your ID card will be needed to access this area. Check the library’s website for hours, as they do change.

Lost or Stolen ID Card

If an ID card is lost or stolen, it is the responsibility of the individual student or employee to report the card to security. There are several ways to report a lost or stolen card:

For security purposes, it is imperative that a lost or stolen card be reported so it can be removed from the system to prevent unauthorized use.

Obtaining a Replacement Card

One ID card is provided to students and employees free of charge. Replacement cards will have a charge of $15 per card. A student or employee in need of a replacement card should first go to the accounting department between the hours of 10:00a.m.-3:00p.m., weekdays, in room G-219 to purchase the new card. Accounting personnel will issue a receipt which should then be taken to the security office for proof of payment. A new ID card will then be issued.

Students and employees in need of a new ID card can come to the security office Monday-Friday, between 8 a.m.-4 p.m. If this time is not sufficient for you, please contact the Office of Public Safety at 330.325.6492 or 330.325.6519 to make alternative arrangements.

Non-emergency Questions? Please contact:

NEOMED Police Department
Phone: 330.325.5911