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Preceptor Spotlight: Cathy Anthony, R.Ph.


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We spoke with Cathy Anthony, R.Ph., who is a preceptor at Marc’s in Fairlawn. She has precepted 12 rotations since May 2018 and will have 10 more students this spring!

Why did you pick Pharmacy as a profession?

My father was a major influence and supporter of my pursuit to enter the profession of pharmacy.  He was an independent pharmacy owner serving the community for 35 years.  I was lucky enough to observe what the profession of pharmacy was like working at the pharmacy and knew this was the career path I wanted to follow.

What is your philosophy on the practice of pharmacy?

My philosophy is one of commitment.  The goal is for the best patient care possible.  Get to know your patients.  It will help you better understand them and deliver first class care.

What are the benefits of hosting students on rotation?

The benefits are reciprocal.  We benefit by having a student open to learn and contribute to the pharmacy team.  Our patients enjoy meeting and working with our students.  Hopefully, each student that visits knows this is a place that you will have a complete, real world view of a retail pharmacy operation.  Each student will be asked what they want to get from the experience and we will collaborate to make that experience meaningful in their professional growth.


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