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What experience is right?

Am I more interested in clinical care, community and public health, wilderness medicine or research & innovation?

PRIOR TO GOING ABROAD, students should identify their areas of professional interest and the type of experience they would like to have. Our CGHI team will “match” students to the right place. Not all locations are suited for everyone. Meet with the CGHI team early.

What are the learning goals?

During their experience, STUDENTS WILL BECOME SYSTEM THINKERS who start to understand the context of health and disease, health care quality and lack thereof. They will understand that the health system, cultural system, social system and economic system which surround patients are equally or more important than the application of science (evidence) to a condition.

Role of the students

Students are primarily learners, but with the right mentorship and guidance STUDENTS CAN BE INTEGRATED INTO EXISTING PROGRAMS and work alongside our international partners and ACTIVELY contribute to the successes of long-term projects while they earn education credit and gain invaluable cultural and medical experiences. Everyone wins.

What experience can I expect?

Previous students described the experience in two words: “RAW AND REAL.” Students will fully immerse and for a few weeks, live with, suffer, enjoy, see, feel, smell and do what our locals partners do year-round. Rotations can be at times uncomfortable and require physical and mental stamina. Students will be safe at all times and under supervision and guidance of our local team and the CGHI team.

A student physician checks on a newborn.


Improve health and health care worldwide through partnership and innovation.


At the VERY CORE of global health is the desire to reduce suffering, reduce disparity and give every person a chance to live a healthy and productive life. Whatever we do has to follow this basic principle in medicine: the patient must benefit most. NEOMED carries a great responsibility when engaging in global health to maintain a focus on the benefit of the people who we intend to serve.


NEOMED’s global health programs are not medical mission trips. Faculty, students and researchers are embedded into existing projects and partnerships. These partnerships are driven by our local partners. These initiatives are sustainable, impactful and measurable.


In contrast to many other universities, the NEOMED programs are patient and COMMUNITY NEEDS-ORIENTED PROGRAMS. They are built upon long term (20+ years) of mutually beneficial relationships with our international partners.

NEOMED’s global health education, clinical care partnerships, research, policy development and public health are integrated into existing programs which are based on the needs and priorities identified by our partners. Our partnerships, in addition to being ideal “training grounds” for our students, are designed to create sustainable, measurable, and culturally-sensitive solutions in health care.


  • INDIA: Government of Gujarat, Shakti Krupa Charitable Trust, Kiran Patel Medical College and Research Institute
  • NEPAL: Government of Nepal, Humla, Soluhumbhu and Nuwakot district health office, Social Welfare Association Nepal, Human Rights and Peace Development Nepal, Health and Education 4 Nepal
  • KENYA: Government of Kenya, Machakos County Health Department, Mully Children’s Family



For questions, availability, travel arrangements, rotations, arranging experiences and finding out more about our global education programs:

Bernhard Fassl, M.D.,
Director, Center for Global Health Innovation
Profile on Google Scholar

Victor Torres, M.A.,
Associate Director, Center for Global Health Innovation


The information on this site regarding Dalits is general information and does not represent the actual stories of those appearing in these materials. The photos used are of actual Global Health immersions and are the personal images taken by Bernhard Fassl, M.D., Director, Center for Global Health Innovation, who was given permission by the people (or their parents) shown to use them for the program’s informational and promotional needs on print and digital communications channels.