Center for Global Health Innovation

Determination means everything! Collaboration means everyone!

THE CENTER OF GLOBAL HEALTH INNOVATION…has but one goal: to eradicate health conditions in the most poorly-resourced communities around the world. The lack of access and resources does not deter the people in these areas though, nor do the rough terrains. Their will is strong. We can see it in their faces.

Yet there are other parts of the world where resources are abundant — filled with people with capabilities and the capacity to help those in need. Unfortunately, these poorly-resourced communities areas aren’t easy to reach.

The need is big. Not so big in size that it cannot be fulfilled by a world that is aplenty with every tangible resource imaginable.

Physcians talk in a dark room with a shaft of sunlight streaming from the ceiling.

THE BIGGEST NEED is one of access to high quality health services, regardless of location, regardless of the country.

Real boots are needed. Hiking boots. It requires determined efforts from those with hearts as strong as the will of the people who need help. It necessitates immersion. It requires innovation – frugal innovation.

NEOMED’s global programs work with our overseas partners to provide solutions that enable and empower the communities in need. Our efforts are not based on charity, we look for new and actionable solutions. Through innovation. Through empowerment. We partner, learn, do, transform and measure our impact.


We strive to engage caregivers at the right place to serve people in any disadvantaged community — including those in the United States. 


For questions, availability, travel arrangements, rotations, arranging experiences and finding out more about our global education programs:

Bernhard Fassl, M.D.,
Director, Center for Global Health Innovation
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Victor Torres, M.A.,
Associate Director, Center for Global Health Innovation