Center for Global Health Innovation

Raw and Real

NEOMED’s global health programs are not medical mission trips.

R&R of a different kind. Near the Mt. Everest base camp. Far from roads made for vehicles to travel. Across bridges that seemingly lead to nowhere: You will be immersed in the Raw and Real.

CLINICAL EXPERIENCES and ROTATIONS at one of our academic partner institutions in India, Nepal or Kenya.

COMMUNITY HEALTH in REMOTE AREAS to improve health care in poor, disadvantaged and remote communities in India, Nepal and Kenya.

WILDERNESS AND HIGH-ALTITUDE MEDICINE at one of the highest elevation clinics in the world camp providing health care to the local population.

GLOBAL RESEARCH AND INNOVATION with NEOMED and international researchers on long term projects to help solve medical challenges.

Previous students described the experience in two words: “RAW AND REAL.”

Students will fully immerse and for a few weeks, live with, suffer, enjoy, see, feel, smell and do what our locals partners do year-round. Rotations can be at times uncomfortable and require physical and mental stamina.

Students WILL AT ALL TIMES BE SAFE and under supervision and guidance of our local team and the Global Health Innovations team.

Two people carry supplies over a fast-moving river.


This emersion of a different kind is a privilege. 


INDIA: Kiran Patel Medical College and Research Institute, Shakti Krupa Charitable Trust, HOPS HealthCare Innovations

NEPAL: Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences – Dhulikel Hospital, National Innovation Center Nepal, Social Welfare Association Nepal, Mountain Medical Institute – Namche Bazaar

KENYA: Mully Children’s Family


For questions, availability, travel arrangements, rotations, arranging experiences and find out more about our global education programs.

Bernhard Fassl, M.D.,
Director, Center for Global Health Innovation
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Victor Torres, M.A.,
Associate Director, Center for Global Health Innovation