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Knowledge Exchange

This emersion of a different kind is a privilege.

THERE IS MUCH TO LEARN. Full immersion into these poorly-resourced areas opens eyes, hearts and minds. We have so much to learn from our colleagues and patients overseas – their resilience, problem solving skills and strength are exemplary. Our innovation partners teach us to do more with less. We can exchange knowledge and skill to make the world a better place in disadvantaged communities here and there.

THOUSANDS OF MILES AWAY IN OUR BACKYARD, in places like Akron, Ohio’s North Hill community, immigrants and other underserved populations reside in multicultural neighborhoods where community physicians really struggle to connect with them due to cultural differences. The way they seek care or follow recommendations does not make any sense to those who attempt to do so. Upon gaining a better understanding of their cultures — one can optimize care for these communities in the U.S. This immersion of a different kind is a privilege.

A student physician checks on a newborn in a field with crops in the background.

CLINICIANS, YOUR NEW KNOWLEDGE obtained globally fills you with the cultural context of everything needed to educate health professionals locally, so they can do a better job of providing care for diverse communities like the Nepalese in North Hill. The Global Health experiences of the few can build trust by spreading such empathic concern and cultural relevance to other health professionals.

HEALTH PROFESSIONAL STUDENTS bear witness to this life-changing program, and many are joining us in Nepal, Kenya or India.

Philanthropists join us too! We optimize the impact of their donations. We measure outcomes and demonstrate impact.

All can be trained in this immersive knowledge exchange.

A rudimentary exam room in a poor country.


We strive for sustainable, measurable, and culturally-sensitive solutions in health care. 


For questions, availability, travel arrangements, rotations, arranging experiences and finding out more about our global education programs:

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