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Stories of Hope & Recovery

With the right treatments and support, people with schizophrenia and other serious mental illnesses can and do recover.

Sharing Stories of Hope and Recovery from Schizophrenia: 2021 Drs. Fred and Penny Frese Lecture

Love and Hope: The Guiding Lights Through the Fog of Schizophrenia

By Carlos A. Larrauri, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC, FNP-BC, and Matthew Racher, CRPS

A story of two friends whose schizophrenia recovery journeys have led them to give back to others with mental illness through their professional work and the original music performed by their band, FogDog.

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STORY OF HOPE AND RECOVERY: Liz Rapp, Founder and President of Project Daily Pages, helping those with mental illness one planner at a time

Liz Rapp juggled holding a job, raising a family, going to school, and running a small business all while living with schizoaffective disorder.  In the process of regaining stability, Liz discovered five key steps for recovery. By incorporating these key steps into her daily life, Liz has remained stable, successful, relatively symptom-free, and out of the hospital for many years. Now her mission is to help others achieve recovery by sharing these steps through her non-profit organization, Project Daily Pages. Project Daily Pages provides life skills training, daily planners, and other resources designed to promote recovery and for those living with mental illness.

Share your Schizophrenia Recovery story of hope and recovery  to be eligible to win a Project Daily Pages planner autographed by Liz Rapp!

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