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“The value of the weekly gathering goes far beyond any single topic. I practice in a rural area and can feel somewhat isolated. I have been able to bring challenging cases to the IC@N Project ECHO virtual learning community and get really good tips on how to manage them.”

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Integrated Primary & Mental Health Care

The BeST Center and its partners are working to improve the quality of life and care for individuals affected by chronic physical and psychiatric conditions.

People with serious mental illnesses die signifi cantly earlier than individuals who do not have mental illnesses. This is a staggering and sad statistic, because people with mental illness die from the same treatable causes that those in the general population do: cardiovascular disease and complications from diabetes, cancer and strokes.

Integrated Care @ NEOMED (IC@N) Project ECHO

IC@N ECHO offers weekly educational programs and case consultation aimed at building expertise and enhancing care delivery for children and young adults with complex, co-occurring psychiatric and physical conditions and for promoting integrated, team-based care. A public service provided by NEOMED.

Meets via Zoom Technology
Fridays from Noon- 1 p.m.
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Please contact Nichole E. Ammon, M.S.Ed., PCC-S, BeST Center manager of integrated health care initiatives, at or 330.325.6613 to learn more.


BeST Center

BeST Practices in Schizophrenia Treatment (BeST) Center

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