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Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET)

Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET) is a cognitive rehabilitation training program for adults with chronic or early-course schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder who are stabilized and maintained on antipsychotic medication and not abusing substances.

CET is designed to provide cognitive training to help participants improve impairments related to:

  • Neurocognition: including poor memory and problem-solving abilities;
  • Cognitive style: including impoverished, disorganized or rigid cognitive style;
  • Social cognition: including lack of perspective taking, foresight and social context appraisal, and
  • Social adjustment: including social, vocational and family functioning.

Treatment Locations


  • The Nord Center


Portage County

  • Coleman Professional Services


BeST Center

BeST Practices in Schizophrenia Treatment (BeST) Center

Department of Psychiatry