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Internal Funding Support

Funding support for faculty is a shared process between the Research Office, the Department, the College and the University with the goal to provide support of research activities during time periods when there is a gap in extramural funding or if there is an opportunity to generate data to support an application tracking toward funding. This type of support should always be a topic for discussion and is certainly considered an important goal where possible and appropriate.

Underlying Principles/Procedures

  • Resources must be available to provide the support. The available resources from the V.P. for Research are limited and the ultimate plan will need commitments from multiple sources to be meaningful. Funds from the V.P. for Research are normally focused on one-time purchase of supplies and/or equipment.
  • The process begins with a dialogue between the faculty member and the Department Chair with the goal to specifically define the current status of grant funding and the plans that are in place to acquire or re-acquire extramural funding.
  • A specific plan should be discussed with the V.P. for Research which includes information regarding grant submissions, reviews, and plans for resubmission as well as the specific resources that are needed, the time-period, and the cost-share available with the Department or other Units.
  • Decisions regarding funding support requests are made taking into account all information as outlined above. While multiple stakeholders have some level of decision-making authority in the process it is the responsibility of the V.P. for Research to evaluate the multiple components of the plan as a whole and to make specific recommendations to the Dean and President.

Shared Equipment Purchases

Shared equipment purchases usually involve multiple individuals and units sharing the cost of the purchase and the follow-up costs of the service/maintenance contracts. The stakeholders involved in these purchases may include individual investigator(s), Departments, the Vice President for Research, the College and the University. If there will be significant input of resources from the Research Office and/or the College or University, then certain underlying principles and procedures should be considered.

Underlying Principles/Procedures

  • Resources must be available to participate in the cost-share plan.
  • There should be clear documentation that the item under consideration will have broad utility across multiple laboratories and/or units at the Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy. This should be documented with letters of support.
  • There should be a cost-share plan developed between individual investigator(s), Department(s), the Research Office, the College(s) and the University to purchase the equipment.
  • Consideration should be given to long-term sustainability of the new equipment with respect to purchase of related disposable items and maintenance/service contracts.
  • Where possible, purchase of new equipment should be linked to elimination of older or duplicative equipment especially if savings can be realized through this process.


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