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Northeast Ohio Medical University has implemented a policy for conducting online surveys that helps minimize the occurrence of survey fatigue, improve the integrity of NEOMED data, reduce oversampling NEOMED students, faculty, employees and alumni and increase survey response rates. The Office of Institutional Research (OIR) provides support (or referral to college resources), in the design and the distribution of surveys, as well as in the analysis of the survey results.

Survey Design

Have specific goals

  • Identify what you want to get out of the survey.
  • Determine population to be surveyed
  • Develop meaningful questions that results in the necessary and sufficient data for your study and can be traced back to the anticipated outcome.
  • Keep questions concise and to the point.
  • Look at studies that collect the same data you are interested in as these may provide a good starting point.
  • Determine how you will use and share the survey data, results and reports.


Have a timeline

Things to consider:

  • Develop questions/survey
  • If necessary, obtain approval of survey study from Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  • Creation and testing of online survey
  • Distribution of survey
  • Analysis of survey results

Participant protection from survey fatigue

Individuals, offices, and organizations wishing to conduct a survey of NEOMED students, faculty and staff must submit an initial request for approval to the OIR utilizing this online survey screening form.


  • Surveys/evaluations sent only to persons who have used a given service or office or attended a specific program/event AND for which no invitations are sent to non-users or non-participants.
  • Institutional elections (e.g. student groups)


Based on the information submitted via the online survey screening form, some survey requests may be identified as human subjects research. In such cases, OIR will notify the requester to confer with the IRB for review and approval.

Data Security

Participants need to be informed if their responses will be anonymous, kept confidential, or are entirely non-confidential.

Anonymous survey data do not include any personal identifiers that would make it possible to associate a response with any given individual.

When survey responses are kept confidential, the OIR will never associate a survey respondent’s name, ID or any other personal information with their individual survey response in any kind of reporting.

When responding to any approved request for survey data, the OIR will remove all personally identifiable information such as name, location, contact, etc. before the data file is sent to the requestor.

Analysis and Reporting of Survey Results

For surveys administered by the OIR, a summary of responses will be provided on an agreed upon date after the survey closes.

The OIR provides consultation on detailed analysis of survey responses.

Screening Form

In accordance NEOMED policy 3349-03-105 Administration of Surveys, individuals, offices, and organizations wishing to conduct a survey must complete the following screening form.

Access Survey Screening Form

Initial review(s) will be completed within five (5) working days of request. If students are survey recipients, OIR will route survey requests to designated reviewer(s) within the colleges for final approval.

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