Office of Institutional Research

Responsibilities & Services

The Office of Institutional Research facilitates and coordinates the collection, analysis and interpretation of institutional data to support assessment and improvement initiatives and to support institutional planning and decision-making.


  • Providing statistical descriptions of the institution;
  • Coordinating required reports to federal and state agencies;
  • Assisting with institutional planning processes;
  • Coordinating the Institutional Review process;
  • Lending support to others’ institutional research questions

Strategies for accomplishing these responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating information in the current data infrastructure to respond to internal and external data requests;
  • Being knowledgeable about current planning activities and higher education issues in the state and at Northeast Ohio Medical University;
  • Providing meaningful information that will assist decision and policy makers; and
  • Serving as the coordinator of institutional data.

How can we help?

For assistance, please complete the Institutional Research Service Request form

Questions? Please Contact:

Deborah Loyet, M.S., M.A.
Executive Director, Institutional Research
Phone: 330.325.6258

Robert Larson, M.A.
Director, Institutional Research and Assessment
Phone: 330.325.6844

Diane Beeman, B.A.
Data Specialist, Institutional Research
Phone: 330.325.6477

Office of Institutional Research

Northeast Ohio Medical University