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Benchmark Institutions

Benchmark institutions serve as a standard to which the colleges in our institution may be compared.

Relation to Parent University

Below is a list of terms that describe the various ways in which medical schools affiliate themselves with parent institutions. Relationship of the medical school to the parent university classified as:

  • Related/proximate: the medical school is part of a public or private university and is located in the same city as the parent university;
  • Related/distant: the medical school is part of a public or private university, but is not located in the same city as the parent university (this category includes urban/suburban relationships);
  • Freestanding: the medical school is part of a freestanding entity which does not have any affiliation with a parent university; both public and private freestanding medical schools exist;
  • Freestanding/state system: the medical school is a freestanding entity, however, it is affiliated with a state system of higher education;
  • Federal government freestanding: a public medical school sponsored by the federal government; the Uniformed University of the Health Sciences is the only school that fits this category;

Community-Based School

Community-based schools follow a nontraditional model in their relationship to affiliated hospitals and local physicians. They rely on community hospitals for clinical facilities, and they appoint many community physicians to their faculties.

Definitions taken from the American Association of Medical Colleges

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