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Administrative Policy: Academic

University Approval of New Credit‐Bearing Educational Program

Policy Number: 3349-AC-202
Effective Date: 03/20/2017
Responsible Department: Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Applies To: All University Employees
Approval Authority: Office of the VPAA

Appendix C

Program Development Plan (PDP) Template

New Degree, Credit-Bearing Certificate or Track

The Program Development Plan (PDP) is one of three required parts of a new Program Proposal (see related policy “Administrative Procedures”). Prepare this document as thoroughly as possible before requesting approvals.

Note: This template is compatible with the Ohio Department of Higher Education Program Development Plan (ODHE-PDP) and may serve for the preparation of the ODHE-PDP, if applicable, after University approvals have been obtained.

  1. Define the focus of the program and provide a brief description of its disciplinary purpose and significance. How is the program aligned with the mission of the College and the University? Describe the administrative arrangement for the proposed program, including the department(s) and/or College(s) involved.
  2. Give evidence of workforce need and student interest, including opportunities for employment of graduates. Address other similar programs in the state and the potential for duplication of programs in the state or region.
  3. Provide a description of the proposed curriculum, assessment and mode of delivery.
  4. What is the availability and adequacy of the faculty and facilities available for the new program? What is the need for additional facilities and staff and the plans to meet this need? Resources to consider include:
    1. Human resources (faculty, staff); Program administrators (e.g., program director, coordinator(s), secretarial support staff)
    2. Teaching faculty (joint appointments of current faculty and recruitment of new faculty)
    3. Admissions
    4. Enrollment services
      1. Prospective enrollment
      2. Special efforts to enroll and retain underrepresented groups in the given discipline.
    5. Academic services
    6. Student support
    7. Instructional space; other space or facilities
    8. Clinical teaching sites
    9. Library
    10. Technology
    11. Financials
      1. What are the projected additional costs associated with the program and evidence of institutional commitment and capacity to meet these costs?
    12. Other (e.g., marketing)
  5. What is the proposed program development timeline?

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