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Administrative Policy: Academic

University Approval of New Credit‐Bearing Educational Program

Policy Number: 3349-AC-202
Effective Date: 03/20/2017
Responsible Department: Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Applies To: All University Employees
Approval Authority: Office of the VPAA

Appendix B

Proposal Cover Page Template

Credit-Bearing Degree, Certificate or Track


Program Director: Submit cover page with program development plan (PDP), pro forma and any other supporting documentation to the appropriate reviewing authority (see Administrative Procedures).

New Program Identification
Name of New Program:
Proposed Semester of Implementation:
Number of Credits for Completion:
Definition of Full Time/Part Time (credits per semester):
Submitted By:                                                                                           Date:
Check Approval Request
New educational degree
New educational graduate degree program*
New certificate program
New graduate certificate program*
New track within existing program
New distance learning program (consult Office of VPAA before beginning proposal)
New blended/hybrid degree program (consult Office of VPAA before beginning proposal)

*Graduate Degree/Certificate: Academic and professional curricula requiring student achievement beyond the baccalaureate level in any field except MD or Pharm D.

Verification of Required University Approvals
Required Signature Date
Faculty of the College
Graduate Faculty Council
(graduate programs only)
University President

Contact: Deborah Loyet, Office of the Vice President for Academic Affair, Northeast Ohio Medical University

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