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Policy Number: 3349-03-01
Effective Date: 06/01/2011
Updated: 08/22/2018
Responsible Department: Office of the VPAA
Applies To: Faculty

K. Faculty Committees

  1. Are established by the University and respective Colleges to ensure that faculty can share in the academic decision-making and governance of the University and its respective Colleges;
  2. Assure a faculty voice in academic matters such as faculty appointments, promotions, and tenure; a College’s curriculum; student admissions, promotions, requirements for graduation; and to ensure a faculty voice in decision-making pertaining to academic matters.
  3. The University and its respective Colleges may establish Standing Committees and ad hoc committees, councils, task forces or other bodies.
  4. The Standing Committees of the University include:
    1. University Bylaws Committee;
    2. University Faculty Council;
    3. University Mental Health Committee;
    4. University Nominating and Membership Committee;
    5. University Scholarships and Awards Committee;
    6. University Student Accessibility Services Committee;
    7. University Tenure and Promotion Committee.
  5. Each Standing Committee shall have a statement of purpose, functions and responsibilities. University Appendix G of these Bylaws, and Appendix G of the respective College Bylaws, provide a description of membership composition, voting status, quorum requirements, terms of service and any limit on the terms of service, and other matters as appropriate to promote the proper functioning of the committee;
  6. Each College may establish and maintains its own standing and ad hoc committees as necessary to promote the purposes, mission and values of the College.

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