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Appendix C – University Faculty Code of Professional Conduct

Policy Number: 3349-03-76
Effective Date: 03/13/1996
Updated: 03/26/2018
Responsible Department: College Deans, Vice President for Academic Affairs

A. Purpose

The purpose of this Policy is to outline the professional conduct standards applicable to the faculty when functioning in the role of a faculty member of the University.

B. Scope of the Policy

This Policy covers conduct of a faculty member when functioning in the role of a faculty member of the University.

C. Definitions

Words have their ordinary meaning unless otherwise specified in the Bylaws of the Faculty.

D. General Considerations

Faculty shall subscribe to the highest standards of conduct and ethical behavior for members of their profession. It is expected that at a minimum all faculty will conduct themselves with honesty, integrity, and civility. Intimidation and harassment are inconsistent with the maintenance of academic freedom.  Professional conduct is a continuing expectation that begins at the time of faculty appointment and continues throughout the faculty member’s career at the University. Conduct that substantially impairs the academic or work of students, colleagues or staff will not be tolerated.

  1. Responsibilities to Students. The faculty member will:
    1. act as a role model for students;
    2. impart knowledge and understanding of a field of study and assist students to develop professional skills, attitudes and behaviors;
    3. accept and carry out faithfully those duties central to the instructional commitment to students;
    4. demonstrate respect for students and avoid any exploitation, harassment or discriminatory treatment;
    5. give due recognition for significant academic or scholarly assistance from students; and
    6. provide timely, objective and unprejudiced evaluations of students.
  2. Section Responsibilities to the University. The faculty member will:
    1. work in support of the mission and goals of the University and the respective College;
    2. distinguish between his/her private views and University policy when engaging in public discussion;
    3. maintain discretion in dealing with all matters of a confidential or sensitive nature; and
    4. accept his/her share of duties and responsibilities for the governance of the College and the University.
  3. Responsibilities to the Profession. The faculty member will:
    1. continue such studies and research as are necessary to remain current in his/her field(s);
    2. respect academic freedom and promote professionalism in lectures, publications and other modes of information dissemination;
    3. show due respect for others and for their opinions; and
    4. neither practice nor condone plagiarism, nor attach his/her name for credit to a paper or publication toward which they have made no professional contribution.

E. Violations

Alleged violations of the Code of Conduct may result in the initiation of the procedures outlined in Appendix D of these Bylaws.


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