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Appendix F – University Procedures for Reviews of Academic Departments and Other Organizational Units

Policy Number: 3349-03-79
Effective Date: 10/05/2005
Updated: 03/26/2018
Responsible Department: University Office of Institutional Research and Planning, Office of the President, Respective College Deans
Applies To: Faculty

A. Purpose

The Purpose of this Policy to provide an opportunity for continuous quality improvement for the organizational unit of the University, to assure alignment with the mission, vision, and strategic plans of the respective College (if appropriate) and the University and to determine stakeholder satisfaction and effective and efficient resource utilization.

B. Scope

Covers all Organizational Units of the University.

C. Definitions

All words have their ordinary meaning, unless otherwise defined in the Bylaws of the Faculty or this Appendix.

  1. (1) “Organizational Units” – includes all the Colleges, Departments of each College, University Administrative Divisions and its sub-components affiliated hospitals/ health departments.

D. Considerations

  1. (1) The purpose of a review is to evaluate the performance of the Organizational Unit in the context of the University and respective College’s Strategic Plan (if appropriate); ensure continuous improvement; determine if resources are being used in the most efficient and effective manner; and determine the level of satisfaction of diverse stakeholders with the unit.
  2. Reviews shall occur at least every seven years. The President, in consultation with the Deans, will develop the schedule of reviews.
  3. The review will include an examination of unit leadership and faculty and staff performance.
  4. University reviews will be integrated with University assessment measures to improve coordination, collaboration and communication of information.
  5. (5) The President, in consultation with the Deans, may establish alternate review procedures for any unit if a conflict of interest or other considerations are recognized.

E. Review Process

  1. Self-Study. The review process begins with a self-study that will include:
    1. an analysis focused on criteria selected by the University Office of Institutional Research and Planning and the administrative supervisor in consultation with the leadership of the unit under review;
    2. focus on the specific elements that address efficiency, effectiveness, and relevance to the University’s or College’s mission;
    3. focus on the specific elements that address efficiency, effectiveness, and relevance to the University’s or College’s mission;
    4. resource allocation appropriate for success; and
    5. an analysis to identify opportunities to increase revenue, reduce costs, improve quality and strengthen reputation.
  2. Composition of the Review Committee
    1. The Review Committee will consist of at least three members who will be appointed by the President, in consultation with the respective Dean (if appropriate).
    2. The Review Committee may include external evaluators.
  3. Structure of the Review
    1. By September of each year, the UOIE will contact leadership in units to be reviewed the following year to discuss the University review process, criteria to be reviewed, potential reviewers, and timetable.
    2. The UOIE will provide administrative support for the process.
    3. The Organizational Unit under review is responsible for conducting a self-study and providing supporting documentation. Specific criteria for each area will be developed with the unit leadership.
    4. A number of methods may be used in the review process including benchmarking, surveys, focus groups, or individual or group interviews.

F. The Report

  1. The Review Committee shall prepare a written report and submit it through the UOIE, to the respective Dean (if appropriate) and the President.
  2. The Review Committee will make every effort to preserve the anonymity of the persons who provided input.

G. Implementation of Recommendations

  1. The President and respective Dean (if appropriate) will provide feedback to the unit.
  2. The Organizational Unit will develop an action plan to implement any recommendations endorsed by the President and respective Dean (if appropriate).
  3. Periodic progress reports may be required between reviews.


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