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Community-based mental health research

The Community Mental Health Research Initiative (CMHRI) is a collaborative, trans-institutional, and interdisciplinary team of researchers in Northeast Ohio. The team includes researchers in the fields of sociology, psychology, public health, psychiatry, family medicine and pharmacy practice who serve as faculty and staff at NEOMED, Kent State University, Hiram College and The University of Akron and Case Western Reserve University.

The broad vision for CMHRI is to provide a context to engage in research targeted toward improving the health and health care of a population of individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. The common focus is on mental health and will build on three interrelated domains of scientific inquiry: 1) social factors that influence health; 2) health services research, health outcomes, utilization of care, and organization of care; and 3) primary care and clinical preventive medicine. With recent recognition that the life span of those with serious mental disorders is shortened in the U.S., integrating primary care into the mental health center to meet the needs of this population is an emerging best practice. A key translational goal of our research is to improve health through the acquisition of new scientific knowledge.

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Christian Ritter, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator
Phone: 330.325.6165

Community-Based Mental Health Research

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