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Shared Governance

University Faculty Council (UFC)

The University Faculty Council is a faculty body established to promote dialogue, facilitate shared governance, advocate on behalf of faculty, and to assure a faculty voice in academic matters such as appointments, promotions, tenure, the curriculum and to provide a faculty voice in decision-making pertaining to academic matters.

For more information, please contact Andrea Coard in the Office of the Provost.

University Standing Committees

The Standing Committees of the University are defined and outlined in Appendix G of the University Faculty Bylaws. The committees include:

The Chair of the University Nominating and Membership Committee (UNMC) will be notified by the Office of the VPAA of any open and/or expiring membership positions on the Standing Committees of the University. The UNMC shall review all openings and solicit nominations in a manner deemed appropriate for the type of committee vacancy. The UNMC will select nominees by a majority vote of its members and make final recommendations to the appropriate Appointing Authority.

Contact: Andrea Coard, Office of the VPAA

The University Faculty Council (UFC) is a body established to promote faculty dialogue, facilitate shared governance, advocate on behalf of faculty, and to assure a faculty voice in academic decision-making and governance of faculty matters such as appointments, promotions, and tenure.

Contact: Andrea Coard, Office of the VPAA

The University Bylaws Committee (UBC): 1) reviews amendments and revisions to current faculty policies and bylaws, solicits input and recommendations from the Deans of the Colleges and the UFC, and recommends their approval to the Appointing Authority; 2) initiates amendments to existing faculty policies, bylaws and appendices as needed; and, 3) ensures that University Faculty Bylaws, and related appendices are up-to-date and accessible to all constituents by designing and maintaining a review calendar whereby Bylaws are reviewed at least every seven years.

Contact: Andrea Coard, Office of the VPAA

The USAC functions as an advisory group to the Office of Financial Aid on issues, policies and concerns related to all aspects of student financial aid, as needed. The Committee: 1) reviews and recommends policy for the administration of all Financial Aid programs within the guidelines of Federal and State laws, and University policies; 2) periodically reviews Financial Aid programs for the purpose of recommending changes, additions or program improvements; 3) assists with the identification and selection of scholarship/award recipients as needed; and, 4) serves as the vetting and/or review body for student appeals involving decisions of Financial Aid.

Contact: Michael Kempe, Office of Financial Aid

The University Tenure and Promotions Committee (UTPC) reviews and evaluates the credentials of applicants for tenure and/or promotion.

Contact: Deborah Loyet, Office of the VPAA

The University Student Accessibility Services Committee (USASC) serves as the review and approval body for student requests for disabilities accommodations in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and state and local requirements regarding persons with disabilities. The Committee oversees and adheres to related University policy to ensure that efforts to provide reasonable accommodations do not impose an undue burden, present a direct threat to the health or safety of others, or fundamentally alter the nature of its programs, services or activities.

Contact: Heidi Der, Office of Student Services

The University Mental Health Committe (UMHC) serves to advance mental wellness and self-care for NEOMED students, faculty, and staff by adopting a comprehensive approach to mental health promotion and suicide prevention. Target strategies include reducing the stigma of mental illness, increasing help-seeking behavior, and encouraging a culture of mutual concern for one another. To achieve these goals, the Committee: 1) recommends resources regarding mental health and suicide prevention; and, 2) provides training and promotes emotional wellness and support for the campus and greater community.

Contact: Russell Spieth, Department of Psychiatry

The University Diversity Council (UDC) is an advisory body to the President of the University. The UDC: 1) establishes annual goals based on best practices for the recruitment, retention, and promotion of diverse faculty, staff, and students in alignment with the University strategic plan; 2) promotes awareness of and assists in the development of institutional practices designed to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion; and, 3) is a forum for consultation on diversity issues.

Contact: Jacqueline Fausnight, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion



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