Office of the Provost

Propose or change an academic policy

Academic Policy Development

To submit a new academic policy for approval, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Draft your policy following the format provided in the Policy on Academic Policies. Download an academic template.
  2. Seek review of the policy by all appropriate University stakeholders and document proof and date of review using the Policy Review & Approval Form. Contact the Academic Management Partnership (AMP) for input and guidance on University-wide policies related to academic administration.
  3. Submit policy and Policy Review & Approval Form to the Office of the Provost by emailing it to Andrea Coard, The office will work with you to offer feedback and prepare the policy for final approval and posting to the Policy Portal.

For more information, contact Andrea Coard in the Office of the Provost.

University Policy Portal

The Policy Portal contains all policies and bylaws that define University governance, procedures, and matters of academic administration.

For more information or guidance on policy revision, please contact Lisa Noland in the Office of General Counsel.
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