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Dr. Hans G. Folkesson Memorial Seminar Series: Julian Stelzer Ph.D.

Julian Stelzer, Ph.D., professor of physiology & biophysics and a Mount Sinai Scholar at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, will present “MyBPC Based Therapies for Heart Failure” at 11 a.m. Tuesday, May 3 in Room RGE-123 on the NEOMED campus.

The talk is part of the Dr. Hans G. Folkesson Memorial Seminar Series, presented by Integrative Medical Sciences.

Contact: Alysia Mulhollen at

Dr. Sheila Fleming, a Parkinson's Disease researcher at NEOMED.

Can Exercise Slow the Progression of Parkinson’s Disease?

Can exercise slow the progression of neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s disease? Sheila Fleming, Ph.D., associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences, wants to find out. Dr. Fleming, who is also director of the […]




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