Office of Global Engagement

Register Your Travel

NEOMED provides a secure registration system to record individual travel places and contact information to help ensure smooth communication and rapid, consistent institutional support for University-related global activities.

All NEOMED students, faculty and staff traveling abroad on University-sponsored or supported travel are required to register their travel in advance of departure. This includes travel that is developed, funded, or administered by the University.

Why Register

Registering your travel with the Office of Global Engagement will provide us with the information we need to monitor your travel and better serve you when you are away!

How to Register Your Travel

Please create an account on the website below. Use your NEOMED credentials for easier access. Once you create an account, please register your travel information (include all legs of your trip going to your destination and returning to Northeast Ohio).

    1. Visit
    2. Select “Create Account” from the menu on the left side of the page
    3. Fill out the requested information on the “Create An Account” page
      1. NOTE: For “Your Status” select “Travel Registration” from the dropdown box
    4. When finished, submit the form by selecting the “Create Account” button
    5. On the next page, select “Add New Trip” near the top of the page


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Office of Global Engagment

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