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Administrative Policy: Academic

COGS – Leave of Absence

Policy Number: 3349-AC-330
Effective Date: 06/19/2017
Responsible Department: College of Graduate Studies, Enrollment
Services and Registrar
Applies To: COGS Students

A. Purpose

Establish the standards for a Leave of Absence from the College of Graduate Studies (COGS).

B. Scope

This policy will include all students enrolled in any degree or certificate program in the COGS.

D. Policy Statement

This policy outlines the eligibility and process for obtaining a Leave of Absence from a COGS program.  Leave of Absences may not be required as long as the student is adhering to the enrollment policy and staying within the specified program length of study requirements. Students should discuss their academic options with their advisor and the financial implications with the Office of Financial Aid before requesting a Leave of Absence.

  1. Leaves of Absence
    1. Students may request a Leave of Absence for academic, medical, enrichment, or personal hardship reasons. Leaves of Absence may also be mandated by COGS Committee on Academic and Professional Progress (CAPP). Students requesting a Leave of Absence should meet with their advisor, the Program Director and the Senior Executive Director of Academic Affairs and Student Services to discuss the reasons, objectives, activities, and conditions of the Leave of Absence and anticipated return to the program.
    2. Students should understand the financial implications of taking a Leave of Absence and consult with the Office of Financial Aid before doing so. Taking a Leave of Absence or withdrawing from a course does not eliminate the financial obligation to the student.
    3. Students that take a Leave of Absence from a program paying a stipend should discuss the impacts of the Leave of Absence on the stipend with the Program Director.
    4. A Leave of Absence Request Form is required and is available at https://www.neomed.edu/studentservices/forms/
    5. Leaves of Absence are granted at the discretion of the University and decided upon by the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies, in collaboration with the Program Director.
    6. To be eligible for a Leave of Absence, a student must satisfy all of the following:
      1. Seeking a Graduate Degree or Certificate;
      2. In good academic standing; and
      3. Making satisfactory progress toward the degree
    7. The overall maximum length of the program is not extended should a Leave of Absence be approved. Students are expected to meet the Academic Program Length Restrictions specified by the College of Graduate Studies, inclusive any Leave of Absence from the program.
    8. Students on a Leave of Absence that are not enrolled in another NEOMED program are not considered active students and therefore forfeit access to University amenities including but not limited to: academic resources, library resources, research resources, and pre-registration. Students will have privileges returned once they have re-enrolled in their graduate programs.
    9. A student wishing to return from an approved Leave of Absence will need to petition to return to the program. Petitions should be routed through the Program Director for review by the CAPP.
    10. If a student does not petition to return to the program within the agreed time frame of the Leave of Absence, the student will be considered to have withdrawn from the program and will need to re-apply to the COGS.


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