Annual William Carlos Williams Poetry competition

Past William Carlos Williams Poetry Competition Winners


First Place: Steven Pan, Weill Cornell Medicine, “Mass Effect”

Second Place: Dana Vigue, Harvard Medical School, “Water”

Third Place: Soo Hyun Choi, Tulane University School of Medicine, “Satsuma”



First Place: Joey Lew, University of California, San Francisco, “On an Organ Donation Run”

Second Place: Ellen Zhang, Harvard Medical School, “Before Chemotherapy”

Third Place: Wesley Chou, Harvard Medical School, “The Old Man”



First Place: Sophia Gorgens, Emory University School of Medicine, “Pemphigus Vulgaris”

Second Place: Kaveh Danesh, University of California, San Francisco, “Triage of Two Cultures”

Third Place: Nikita Raman, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, “The night the Queens sky exploded”



First Place: Sean McEvoy, University of Arizona College of Medicine, Tucson, “When I Saw the Table”

Second Place: Adam Lalley, Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine, Hofstra/Northwell, “Hematopoiesis”

Third Place: Poorna Sreekumar, University of Maryland School of Medicine, “Funeral for Billy”



First Place: Namrata Gumaste, Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, “Boat Building in Maine”

Second Place: Candice Mazon, Drexel University, “13 Body Parts”

Third Place: Cayce Smith, UT Southwestern Medical School, “eleven/19”


First Place: Nitin Ahuja, University of Michigan Medical School, “Murmur”

Second Place: Christina Crumpecker, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver, “Insensible Losses”

Third Place: Chris Marett, The Ohio State University College of Medicine, “Black Tulips”




First Place: Jason Paluzzi, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, “Dandelions”

Second Place: Jenna Le, Columbia University, “Tire Swing”

Third Place: Apoorva Balakrishnan, University of Manitoba, “march, 1973”




First Place: Andrea Schwartz, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, “Home Visit”

Second Place: Jordan Amadio, Harvard Medical School, “Boyhood on the Coast of Italy”

Third Place: Joanna Cranston, University of Illinois College of Medicine, “Last Day of Class”




First Place: Victoria Chiou, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, “Gross Anatomy: First Cut”

Second Place: Jennifer Srygley, Harvard Medical School, “Navajo Sheepdog”

Third Place: Fang Bu, Washington University School of Medicine, “Cinco de Mayo”

Third Place: Kayla Rosen, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, “Zanzibar”




First Place: Sarah Cross, University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, “Monarch”

Second Place: Sarah Cross, University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, “The Little Sister”

Third Place: Emily Gillett, Harvard Medical School, “Galileo Leaves Home”




First Place: Joanna Pearson, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, “A Bald Woman”

Second Place: Manesh Dagli, New York University School of Medicine, “When We Returned”

Third Place: Joanna Pearson, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, “Watching TV with a Woman Dying of AIDS”


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