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Lunch and Learn Takeaways about the College of Graduate Studies

If you’re a student in the College of Medicine or the College of Pharmacy, you may have interests that go beyond those boundaries. Maybe you may have heard of other students obtaining, say, an MPH degree – but what will they do with it?

Would there be any overlap in the curriculum, and could you get credit for it, so that it costs you less to earn the MPH while you are enrolled at NEOMED? (Yes, and yes.)

Did you know that the REDIzone is offering a new entrepreneurial internship, through the support of the Burton D. Morgan Foundation? Or that all Graduate Studies faculty also teach in the Colleges of Medicine or Pharmacy?

Leaders from the College of Graduate Studies met with students recently to explain the curriculum and answer questions about earning graduate degrees at NEOMED.

Below are links to the recorded sessions, application deadlines, and contacts for each program.


Application deadlines

Medical Ethics and Humanities and ALL certificate programs
  • For Fall 2019 — May 15, 2019
  • For Spring 2019 — November 16, 2018
  • For Summer 2019 — April 15, 2019


Master of Public Health
  • For Fall 2019 — August 2, 2019


Health System Pharmacy Administration
  • For Fall 2019 — May 15, 2019


Integrated Pharmaceutical Medicine:
  • For Fall 2019 — February 1, 2019


For more information, contact Phil Jenkinson at or Kelly Shrock at, program coordinators in the College of Graduate Studies.