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Kaelin Cockrell, College of Medicine student

Having the Support to Succeed: Kaelin Cockrell

What stands out the most about Northeast Ohio Medical University? Ask Kaelin Cockrell and she’ll answer in confidently: the friendly environment. The rising second-year College of Medicine student has experienced first-hand how supportive the faculty, staff and her peers are.

She felt the love recently, when her peers nominated her to serve as a student coater for the College of Medicine Class of 2023 White Coat Ceremony, to be held Friday, August 2.

“It’s a really big honor. It means a lot that my peers think I represent the campus well,” says Cockrell.

She also understands the importance of each White Coat Ceremony.

“White Coat is probably one of the most important events in your four years here. Getting your white coat is a big honor — it’s a symbol of what you’ve achieved so far and what you’re going to do; but there’s also a lot of responsibility that comes with it,” she explains.

Finding her way to medicine

It was Cockrell’s mother, Karen Sheehan, M.D. (‘91), who first introduced her to medicine. Seeing the impact she could make on patient’s lives through shadowing and volunteering in different hospital settings is what confirmed her decision to take on medical school.

“Seeing how much I could help people and how much I could influence the lives of others: That’s when I realized I could really see myself doing medicine,” says Cockrell.

Advancing her education

Now, she’s taking her medical education one step further by working towards earning an M.A. in Medical Ethics and Humanities, in addition to an M.D. When she was introduced to the topic through the College of Medicine curriculum, Cockrell wanted to learn more.

“No matter what specialty I choose, ethics will be a part of it,” she says.