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Search across thousands of full-text journals & literature databases via PubMed and our Discovery search layer.

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Search for a specific journal title using this resource.

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Ebsco databases

A collection of searchable, full text databases provided by EBSCO, including MEDLINE, CINAHL, PsycINFO, and Academic Search Complete

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Electronic Journal Center (EJC)

A searchable, full text database of over 4,000 journals. Access provided by OhioLINK.

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Databases A-Z

An A to Z listing of the best library databases for your research. These databases are accessible from anywhere online, just log in with your library ID when prompted.

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NEOLINK Library Catalog

Find materials in our library and within the affiliated hospital libraries.


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OhioLiNK library catalog

Find and request print materials from over 90 OhioLINK libraries.

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Electronic Book Center

This database contains millions of scholarly and reference e-books covering the humanities, sciences and social sciences. Access provided by OhioLINK.


Image Collections

Image Library Guide

A directory of permissible use image resources for NEOMED faculty, staff, and students. Image resources are arranged in four categories: general, basic sciences, clinical sciences, and pharmacy.

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InterLibrary Loan (ILLiad)


A borrowing and delivery system that lets you order articles and books, and check the status of your request. Article requests will be shipped directly to you, even when the library is closed.

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