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Our curriculum, student-support programs and varied clinical experiences will prepare you for a range of career opportunities.

NEOMED’s relatively small class size (50) means more personalized attention and favorable faculty-to-student ratios, and instructors who know you personally and can see your progression across the four years of the program.

NEOMED invests in a supportive environment for students. Faculty and staff want you to succeed. Our student-support programs and professionals will help you do that.

Varied clinical experiences

About half the clinical experience in D3 and D4 will be in our brand new, state-of-the-art dental clinic on the NEOMED campus and about half the clinical experience will be at community-based (off-campus) training sites—providing you a range of patient populations, patient treatment needs and clinical experiences. This will provide a broad array of role models to learn from in real-world care settings.

How will NEOMED’s clinical training differ from traditional approaches?

NEOMED dental students will perform oral health care procedures under the caring trained mentorship of clinical faculty in our on campus dental clinic and in community dental care settings  off campus.

How does this differ from traditional approaches?

The traditional approach to dental education took place exclusively  in on-campus dental clinics. NEOMED’s innovative approach blends campus clinical instruction with off campus service to Ohioans in the greatest need of oral care. NEOMED students will learn more by serving patients in a variety of settings.

Curriculum by year

Curriculum information is presented for illustration purposes only. D.D.S. curriculum is currently under development.



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