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COM – Conflicts of Interest – Admission

Policy Number: 3349-AC-419
Effective Date: 11/01/2018
Updated: 09/01/2020
Responsible Department: Office of the Dean and Medical Education, College of Medicine
Approval Authority: Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Responsible Office: Office of the Dean and Medical Education, College of Medicine

A. Purpose

The purpose of this Policy is to establish guidelines and provide guidance regarding conflicts of interest for admission of applicants into the NEOMED College of Medicine (COM). This Policy is intended to remove, as much as possible, bias in making admission decisions in accordance with the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). The LCME requires that “the health professionals who provide health services, including psychiatric/psychological counseling, to a medical student have no involvement in the academic assessment or promotion of the medical student receiving those services excluding exceptional circumstances. A medical school ensures that medical student health records are maintained in accordance with legal requirements for security, privacy, confidentiality, and accessibility.” (LCME Functions and Structure of a Medical School, effective July 1, 2020, Standard 12, Element 12.5)

B. Scope

This Policy applies to all applicants and individuals who are involved in and contributing to a decision regarding admission of an applicant into the COM, regardless of the pathway of admission.

C. Definitions

  1. Admissions Decision refers to the involvement in making a decision, at any level, regarding the status of matriculation of an applicant into the NEOMED College of Medicine, regardless of the admissions pathway.
  2. Faculty refers to instructional faculty, clinical faculty, research faculty, residents, postdoctoral fellows, graduate student instructors and graduate student research assistants. (NEOMED Academic Policy 3349-AC-412)

D. Policy Statement

  1. This Policy applies to all individuals involved in decision making related to all admissions pathways that lead to matriculation into the COM including, but not limited to, early assurance – undergraduate pathway, early assurance – post-baccalaureate pathway, traditional admission and advanced standing admission.
    1. This Policy applies to those individuals who are making decisions regarding acceptance for interviews, those who conduct interviews, those who make recommendations for acceptance, and all members of admissions committees related to the COM.
    2. This Policy does not apply to support staff who are completing administrative tasks related to admissions and are not functioning in a decision-making capacity regarding individual candidates.
  2. This Policy is designed to remove, as much as possible, bias in selection of applicants for interviews and selection of applicants for admission.
    1. The goal is to avoid conflicts of interest to the extent possible.
    2. It is recognized that it may not be possible to remove all bias. In this situation, the goal is to manage the bias to the best of the ability of the Office of Admissions and the College of Medicine.
  3. Conflicts of interest with an applicant for admission include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:
    1. Health care relationship: those who provide any health services, including psychiatric/psychological counseling;
    2. Familial relationship: parent, sibling, spouse, grandparent, aunt or uncle, or cousin, including in-law and step relationships;
    3. Close personal and/or professional relationship: significant other/fiancé, godparent, friend, employer, mentor; or
    4. External influence: Having been contacted about a candidate from someone external to the admissions process who wishes to influence the process in favor of a particular candidate.
  4. Faculty responsibilities:
    1. Faculty, in reference to this Policy, are considered to be those who are involved in decisions regarding selection of applicants for an interview, interviewing applicants and involvement in any other admissions decision.
    2. Faculty are responsible for disclosing any and all conflicts of interest prior to any admissions decision by acknowledging any conflicts of interest by signing an Attestation Regarding Conflicts of Interest – Admissions form. (Attachment 1)
    3. Faculty must recuse themselves from selecting for interview, interviewing or engaging in decision-making around admissions for applicants with whom they have a conflict of interest.
  5. Applicant responsibility:
    1. As part of the introductory presentation to all candidates at the start of an interview day, a slide will provide information about conflicts of interest in the admissions process and University attempts to eliminate conflicts.
    2. Candidates will be asked to identify if they perceive a conflict of interest with any faculty members who will be interviewing them. If a conflict is noted by a candidate, the interview schedule will be adjusted at that time.


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