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Classification Program

Policy Number: 3349-08-20
Effective Date: 10/10/2010
Updated: 11/01/2021
Responsible Department: Human Resources
Applies To: Classified Civil Service Employees

A. Purpose

  1. The purpose of this Policy is to establish an appropriate classification plan for all Classified Civil Service Employees at the University.

B. Scope

  1. This Policy applies to all Classified Civil Service Employees at the University.

C. Definitions

  1. “Appointing Authority” refers to the University officer having the power of appointment to, or removal from positions at the University. The Appointing Authority for the Classified Civil Service Employees of the University is the Director of Human Resources.
  2. “Classified Civil Service Employee” refers to a University Employee who has completed the required probationary period and who holds a position within the Classified Civil Service Classification Plan set forth in this policy.
  3. “Classification Plan” is an organized system of Job Groups, Job Titles and Pay Grades.

D. Body of the Policy

  1. General
    1. The Board of Trustees of the University is authorized by Ohio Revised Code Chapter 124, to establish and administer compensation and classification plans for all Classified Civil Service Employees at the University, and to assume the duties of the Director of Administrative Services with regard to these Employees
    2. The Board of Trustees has delegated its authority to administer all matters pertaining to Classified Civil Service Employees to the Vice President of Human Resources and has appointed the Vice President of Human Resources to serve as the Appointing Authority for the Classified Civil Services Employees of the University.
  2. Duties of Appointing Authority include, but are not limited to the duty to:
    1. Establish, modify or repeal a classification plan for all Classified Civil Service positions in the University;
    2. Classify positions with similar duties and responsibilities within Job Families and Job Groups and assign Job Titles and Pay Grades to positions within the Job Families and Job Groups; and
    3. Describe the duties, responsibilities and qualifications of each position.
  3. Certification in the Ohio Civil Service and Salary at the Time of Appointment
    1. New employees after serving the original 120 day probationary period will become certified in the Ohio Civil Service.
    2. New Employees will usually be appointed at the starting salary of the assigned grade. Appointments above the minimum shall only be made when the applicant clearly exceeds the minimum qualifications for the specific position as determined by the Appointing Authority.
  4. Job Groups for Classified Civil Service positions at NEOMED ‐ Revised and Updated October 2021.
Job Family Job Group Pay Grade
Academic Learning Technical Family Event Assistant 2
Academic Support/Academic Affairs Family Proctoring Assistant 1
Assessment Assistant 4
Educational Data Coordinator, Assessment 4
Enrollment Services Specialist 5
Enrollment Specialist 5
Administrative Assistant 6
Academic Support/COM Family Program Assistant 5
Administrative Coordinator 6
Accounting and Auditing Family Accounting Associate 5
Accounting and Finance Technical Family Accounts Payable Specialist 5
Administrative Support Family Administrative Coordinator 6
Advancement Family Advancement Services Coordinator 6
Animal Care Family Laboratory Aide 2
Laboratory Technician, CMU 4
Senior Laboratory Technician, CMU 5
Automotive Trades Family Auto Mechanic 5
Building Maintenance Family Maintenance Repair Worker 5
Lead Maintenance Repair Worker 7
Building Trades Family General Laborer 1
Electronic Data Processing Clerical Family Administrative & Technology Coordinator 4
Equipment Operator Family Receiving/Distribution Analyst 2
Executive Support Family Executive Administrative Assistant 7
Grants and Sponsored Program Family Senior Grants Specialist 5
Ground Maintenance Family Groundskeeper 3
Lead Groundskeeper 5
Payroll Family Payroll Specialist 6
Pharmacy Practice Family Rootstown Community Pharmacy Technician 3
Public Safety and Security Family Patrol Officer I 5
Patrol Officer II 7
Research Support Family Administrative Assistant 6
Research Technical Family Laboratory Technician 4
Administrative Coordinator 6


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