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Naming University Property

Policy Number: 3349-03-145
Effective Date: 12/09/2011
Responsible Department: Office of the President, Board of Trustees
Applies To: Individual or Entities Making Significant Financial or Service Contributions to the University

A. Purpose

  1. To establish policy guidelines for the naming of a building, a portion or wing of a building, or outdoor space on the Rootstown campus in recognition of contributions to the University or the Northeast Ohio Medical University Foundation (the Foundation).

B. Scope

  1. Any individuals or entities that have made significant financial or service‐based contributions to the University or the Foundation in compliance with the criteria set forth in this policy.

C. Definitions

  1. Consult Institution Policy No. 3349‐7‐01.

D. Policy Statement

  1. Individuals or entities who make a significant contribution to the University or the Foundation may be afforded an opportunity to have a building, portion of a building, or an outdoor space named in their honor based on the nature and amount of their contribution.
  2. Naming Opportunities. The University Advancement Office, Leadership of the Foundation, and other University Leadership Members will submit recommendations to the President of the University based on the contribution.
  3. Criteria. The criteria for naming University property or space differs based on the nature of the contribution.
    1. Financial Contributions. The financial contribution may be in the form of cash, marketable stocks or securities, shares of mutual funds or ETF; bonds or other fixed securities; a binding commitment/agreement
      through a bequest included in a last will and testament; an irrevocable or paid up life insurance policy; real estate; personal property or equipment of substantial value to be used by the university, or other marketable
      physical assets, which can be easily liquidated by the Foundation. The transfer of the assets must be completed prior to the naming of the facility. This delivery can also be achieved by the irrevocability of the gift to the University based on a future payment through an estate or proceeds from a life insurance policy.

      1. Amount of necessary for naming a building. The financial contribution must be greater than or equal to twenty five (25%) of the construction costs and be at least $1,000,000 in value.
      2. Amount necessary for naming a portion of a building, a renovation of an existing building or outdoor space. The financial contribution must be greater than or equal to twenty five (25%) of the original construction costs or a value estimated by the University when the actual construction cost cannot be determined.
    2. Service Contributions. In order to name a facility based upon a level of service, the contribution must:
      1. be substantial and have had a major positive impact on the direction of the University; and
      2. be of an order that without the contribution, the University would have been negatively impacted in a substantial way.
  4. Approval. The approval required for awarding naming rights to an individual or entity differs based on the nature of the contribution and the property being named.
    1. Financial Contributions related to a building. When naming a building based on a financial contribution, the President makes a recommendation to the University Board of Trustees. The University Board of Trustees will review the recommendation, and if they find the recommendation appropriate, will provide final approval.
    2. Financial Contributions related to portions of a building or outdoor space. When naming a portion of a building or outdoor space, the President of the University provides final approval.
    3. Service Contributions.  When naming a facility for service contributions, the President makes a recommendation to the University Board of Trustees who provides final approval.
  5. Revocation of Naming Rights and Adjustments. Naming rights may be revoked at the discretion of the President of the University or, as appropriate, the University Board of Trustees, due to public or private actions by the donor that could reflect negatively on the University. Failure of the donor to complete any condition or scheduled action concerning the contribution that was the inspiration for the naming opportunity may also result in revocation or adjustment to the naming.
  6. Recognition. To recognize the naming of a facility, the University may place an appropriate signage, work of art or other physical identifier acknowledging a donor’s contributions to the University. The recognition will be commensurate to the contribution.
  7. Exceptions to the policy. The University Board of Trustees may deviate from any of the criteria or requirements set forth in this policy.


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